Five Reasons Why Beetroots Are Just the Healthy Kick You Need

Make way for beetroot juices, soups, curry, sandwiches, raitas, or maybe try the fruit in its raw form?

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With its deep red hue and a dominant flavour, beetroot has often been referred to as a bossy vegetable.

Several studies have established beetroot as a wonder fruit, which is not only a rich source of essential nutrients and vitamins, but also helps build the body’s stamina, and is an effective blood purifier.

Stop relegating beetroot to the margins of your plate as just another salad ingredient and make way for the healthy beet to take root in your daily diet.

Stop using beetroot just for garnishing or that occasional pickle. Make way for beetroot juice, soup, curry, sandwiches, raitas, and maybe even try it in its raw unadulterated form.

Here are five reasons why you should make it a regular component of your diet:


1. Lowers Blood Pressure

A study published in the Nutrition Journal found that consumption of beetroot juice could “lower Blood pressure when consumed as part of a normal diet in healthy adults.” This is due to the presence of nitrate in beetroot – a component that helps lower blood pressure. This makes beetroot a cost-effective and natural way of controlling high blood pressure.

2. Rich Source of Antioxidants

The rich colour of beetroot is due to the presence of betanin, which is also a strong antioxidant — it flushes out harmful molecules, thereby keeping the body healthy. Apart from betanin, a number of other antioxidants can be found in beetroot. According to a study published in Nutrients, beetroot is an excellent source of antioxidants that “help manage diseased states propagated by oxidative stress, such as liver injury and cancer.”


3. Helps in Detoxification

Beetroot is supposed to be great for detoxification. Researchers believe that compounds found in beetroot are laden with elements that cleanse the digestive system and the liver, and remove toxins from the system. Beetroot juice also supposedly boosts the immune system and lowers cholesterol, according to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


4. Reservoir of Nutrients and Fiber

Beetroot is a reservoir of nutrients, especially the greens which are rich in calcium, iron, and vitamins A and C. Besides, beet also contains high concentration of folic acid, potassium, iron, and manganese. Contrary to popular opinion, the greens of the beet are as nutritional as the beet itself. Fiber in beetroot ensures smooth digestive functions. According to a study published in Nutrients,

Beetroot’s constituents display potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and chemopreventive activity in vitro and in vivo.

5. Boosts Your Stamina

According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, drinking beetroot juice may boost your stamina and athletic performance. So if you are gearing up for some high-intensity workout, you know the wonder drink to rely upon. Beetroot contains high levels of nitrates which boost exercise performance by building stamina and muscle strength. Though researchers agree that large-scale trials need to be conducted further.

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