Volkswagen India has been slapped with a fine of Rs 171 crore by the NGT on health grounds. 
Volkswagen India has been slapped with a fine of Rs 171 crore by the NGT on health grounds. (Photo: iStockphoto)
  • 1. Why the Penalty?
  • 2. What is the DieselGate Scandal?
  • 3. What Action Did VW Take In India?
  • 4. What Happens to Volkswagen in India?
  • 5. How Real is the NGT Threat?
Volkswagen DieselGate Explained: NGT Slaps Fine, Company Objects

A National Green Tribunal (NGT) panel recently slapped Volkswagen India with a Rs 171 crore penalty, for allegedly failing to meet emission norms. The four-member NGT panel says the fine is for health damage caused in India due to excess NOx (nitrous oxide) emissions from some of Volkswagen’s diesel range of cars.

The NGT made its calculations based on pollution levels in Delhi. It has ordered the company to deposit Rs 100 crore with the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) by Friday. It threatened to arrest of some of its executives if the order is not complied with.

  • 1. Why the Penalty?

    This is a fallout of the global ‘dieselgate’ scandal, where Volkswagen was found to have installed cheat software in its diesel cars that could detect when a car was undergoing an emissions test and fudge the results.

    However, Volkswagen is contesting the NGT’s recommendation. It states that all the vehicles that have been sold in the country are BS-IV emissions compliant, that is, they meet India’s current emissions standards.

    The 'Dieselgate' scandal has already seen Volkswagen pay over $30 billion in fines and compensation globally, as well as recalls to retrofit some of its cars.


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