Rani Padmavati doing jauhar. Representational image.
Rani Padmavati doing jauhar. Representational image.(Photo Courtesy: YouTube)
  • 1. Rani Padmavati's Story
  • 2. What Is Jauhar?
  • 3. Jauhar vs Sati
  • 4. How Many Jauhars Took Place in Chittor?
  • 5. What Was Saka?
  • 6. Why Did Padmavati’s Jauhar Take Place?
  • 7. An Extinct, Yet Glorified Practice
What Is Jauhar and Why Did Rajput Queens Do It?
  • 1. Rani Padmavati's Story

    The fabled and now controversial Rani Padmavati, the woman who protected the honour of the Rajputs after the siege of Chittor in 1303, did so by committing jauhar – or jumping into a pit of fire to avoid being raped and captured by the invading army.

    Rajputs’ strong sense of honour made Padmavati take the drastic step of self-immolation, so that the victory of Alauddin Khilji, the powerful ruler of the Khilji dynasty of Delhi Sultanate, would have been a hollow one, for there would be no royal women left for him and his army to enslave.

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