A protester is dragged away by members of the Maldivian Defence Force.
A protester is dragged away by members of the Maldivian Defence Force.(Photo: AP/Altered by The Quint)
  • 1. What is the Maldives Political Crisis?
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Maldives Political Crisis: Why Was Emergency Declared in Maldives?

The Maldives is in crisis. President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency in the island nation on 5 February. Police placed Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed, Judge Ali Hameed, and former President Abdul Gayoom under arrest shortly after.

After the Supreme Court ordered the dismissal of a trial against the country’s former President Mohamed Nasheed and ordered the reinstatement of nine opposition MPs in an order dated 1 February, the government suspended the country’s Parliament.

The country’s capital of Male remains tense, with many members of the international community urging President Yameen to put an end to the crisis and restore order to the country.

So what’s behind the Maldives crisis? Read on.

  • 1. What is the Maldives Political Crisis?

    A protester is dragged away by members of the Maldivian Defence Force.
    Maldivian police officers detain an opposition protestor demanding the release of political prisoners during a protest in Male on 2 February.
    (Photo: AP)

    On 1 February, the Maldives Supreme Court ruled that the trial against former President Mohamed Nasheed, which began in 2012, was unconstitutional. The Supreme Court also ordered the release of nine opposition MPs, resulting in an opposition majority in the Maldives.

    The ruling Maldivian government, however, did not comply. Instead, on 3 February, the government suspended Parliament. The attorney general then said any action against the President, including any attempt to arrest or impeach him, would be illegal.

    The Maldives will also resist any attempt by the Supreme Court to impeach President Abdulla Yameen for disobeying the order to release jailed opposition leaders, the attorney general added on Sunday, 4 February.

    On 5 February, President Yameen declared a 15-day state of emergency in the country.

    The Supreme Court’s Chief Justice and one more judge were arrested on 5 February, along with former President Abdul Gayoom.


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