PFI members taking part in a rally. 
PFI members taking part in a rally. (Photo Courtesy: PFI)
  • 1. What Are the Origins of PFI?
  • 2. How Was PFI Formed?
  • 3. What's the Link Between PFI and SIMI?
  • 4. Is it an Extremist Religious Organisation or a Terror...
  • 5. What of the Attacks Carried out by PFI in Kerala?
  • 6. What Are the Allegations of Forced Conversion Against PFI?
  • 7. Is PFI Connected to the Islamic State?
  • 8. What Are the Attacks by PFI Outside Kerala?
  • 9. Is There a Proposal to Ban PFI?
  • 10. Why a New Proposal for Ban?
  • 11. What Do Intelligence Veterans Say About PFI?
Explained: Why Does Govt Want Popular Front of India (PFI) Banned?

On Wednesday, 1 January, Uttar Pradesh police sent a fresh request to Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) seeking a ban on PFI, as Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the role of PFI has been suspected in the anti-CAA protests in Uttar Pradesh and the Home Ministry would decide on the action to be taken against the organisation.

Kerala based Popular Front of India (PFI) has been a controversial organisation. The government wants to ban PFI alleging it is involved in political killings, religious conversions and terror activities.

PFI’s credibility as an organisation for social work and the lack of evidence to prove its alleged terror links, made the ban a difficult task for the government. The PFI has also been crying foul, alleging that actions of rogue elements have been linked to the organisation without proper evidence to ban it.

So, why does the government want a ban on PFI? Here is a detailed breakdown.


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