Priyanka Gandhi India’s ‘Nayi Umeed’, Top Twitter Trends Say
The top three trends on Twitter were related to Priyanka’s Lucknow roadshow. 
The top three trends on Twitter were related to Priyanka’s Lucknow roadshow. (Photo: Kamran Akhter/ The Quint)

Priyanka Gandhi India’s ‘Nayi Umeed’, Top Twitter Trends Say

As Priyanka Gandhi Vadra took out her first roadshow in Lucknow after formally joining the Congress party, the entire country turned to their TV screens and social media to scrutinise every move of the new political entrant from the Gandhi family, and analyse what this could mean for India. Twitter erupted with a bunch of hashtags to mark the historic occasion.

The top three hashtags on Twitter were all related to Priyanka’s roadshow, just like the day she was announced the general secretary of the AICC in charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh.

Many tweeted with the hashtag #NayiUmmeedNayaDesh and were hopeful that this is the change that the country is looking for.

‘BJP is rattled’ was another popular opinion on Twitter.

The official Twitter handle of All India Professionals’ Congress tweeted a representation of the ‘Modi wave’ after Priyanka’s show of strength in Lucknow.

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Many Twitter users also said how Priyanka’s resemblance to her grandmother is a huge plus for the party.

Twitterati also noticed how Modi’s visit to Vrindavan went totally unnoticed amidst all this.

Some were of the view that this is all talk and no action, and that the charm will fade eventually.

Twitters users liked and retweeted a lot of photographs and videos of Priyanka Gandhi waving at the crowd but one photograph of Jyotiraditya Scindia, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi seemed to be the favourite.

What a field day for Twitter! It looks like whatever Priyanka Gandhi does, she creates waves both on Twitter and in the country.

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