Kriti Bharti

Dr. Kriti Bharti is a rehabilitation psychologist, social activist, child rights advocate and the Managing Director of Saarthi Trust. She is credited for the first annullment of a child marriage in the country and has so far annulled 43 pairs of child marriages. At the same time, there are more than 1,500 child marriage stops. To date, her campaign for child marriage annulment has been recorded by several international and national entities and has also been included in the CBSE curriculum. Dr. Bharti has rehabilitated more than 13,500 children and women, as well as made more than 25,000 people take the oath not to solemnise child marriages. Dr. Bharti has been included in the World Top Ten Activist List of the US-based TAFFD Magazine, List of 100 Influential Women by BBC and won the International Changemaker title by Girls not Brides, 16 Role Models title by Pixel Projects, Marwar and Mewar Ratna and other national and international honours for saving children from exploitation. Dr. Kriti has also been included in the International Advisory Committee of the UK government's None-in-Three Centre.