Revamping Skincare at 25? Experts Explain Why It's Necessary

Around the mid-20s your skin starts producing less collagen, which results in visible signs of aging.

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Like many people, I too started taking care of my skin the moment I entered my 30s, because that's what you're supposed to do, right?... Wrong. I should've started a bit earlier.

And that's not my perception, just the science behind skincare.

We all have different types of skin because of which the type of care required for each kind varies quite a bit. And, no matter what our skin quality might be like, it changes with age, especially post the age of 25. The entire skincare routine suddenly needs to be refurbished.


At What Age Do The Signs of Aging Start to Show?

“Aging is a continuous process and there is no cut-off age where it all starts. But we know that around the mid-20s your skin starts producing less collagen, which results in visible signs of aging. So, the skin starts losing its elasticity, cumulative effects of pollution, chemical exposure, etc. which is why it is important to start taking care of your skin more in your mid-twenties.”
Dr Soumya Jagadeesan, Associate Professor, Dermatology, Amrita Hospital, Kochi

As Dr Soumya said, there is no cut-off age where aging starts. Try comparing your pictures every 5 years. I personally see a very visible difference within the pre and post pandemic period pictures of myself. If you don't find any difference at all, please do email us your secret.


Applying Sunscreen Only When Stepping Out? Umm... Maybe Not

Why do we wear sunscreen? To protect ourselves from the UV rays, right? But UV rays don't disappear if we do not step out from our homes.

“We should begin being proactive about skincare routines in their 20s. Research shows that as early as age 25, our skin’s two structural proteins—collagen (which keeps it firm, and resilient), and elastin (which gives skin its flexibility) start decreasing.”
Dr Veenu Jindal, consultant- Dermatology, Max Hospital, Panchsheel Park

The skin is like a shield that is meant to protect us from the ultraviolet radiation which can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it is important to use sunscreen which acts like a layer of protection for our skin. And it's not just meant to be used for sunny days or while staying indoors as UV rays are present around you always, whether you're using your gadgets, or even if it's a cloudy day.


"Our skin starts showing signs of aging such as fine lines, sagging, and hyperpigmentation in the 30s and 40s. So, starting a basic skin-care routine in your 20s is a good idea," Dr Veenu Jindal says.

Is Applying Night Cream Necessary?

Ever since I started applying night cream, my face feels really soothed and hydrated, considering how I have a dry skin type. This doesn't mean you don't need it if your skin is oily.

“A good night cream usually contains ingredients that are focused on improving or repairing the epidermal cell turnover. The night creams are usually thicker in consistency when compared to day cream counterparts.”
Dr Soumya Jagadeesan, Associate Professor, Dermatology, Amrita Hospital, Kochi

The purpose of using a night cream is more focused on the process of reconstructing the skin, and you'll definitely notice once you start using one on a regular basis. Dr Soumya Jagadeesan says, "the ingredients may vary but usually, they have thicker moisturizers that are hyaluronic acid-based, and most night creams also contain retinol-based products which specifically look at repairing the epidermal damage or improving the epidermal cell turnover."

What's The Connection Between Skincare And Diet?

Living in the era of "hustle culture", we end up not being able to focus on our diet the way we should. Anything ready-to-cook and quick to eat or munch on seems like an easier option to maintain a balanced work life, especially for the ones living away from their families. But is it actually as complex as we consider it to be, or is it more about our desk jobs unintentionally making us opt for a sedentary lifestyle?

“Studies have shown that a well-balanced and healthy diet can help prevent skin damage. Drinking water with a squeeze of lemon every day, eating fresh greens and a lot of fibre, supplementing with micronutrients such as zinc, selenium, and vitamin D3 helps in making your skincare more effective.”
Dr Veenu Jindal, consultant- Dermatology, Max Hospital, Panchsheel Park

Ever noticed that one painful pimple that shows up abruptly after a session of binging on that unhealthy lip-smacking junk food? That's not a coincidence, and I'm sure none of us are unaware of it. But then, is there a solution for that?

“Avoid a diet that contains a lot of sugar and simple carbohydrates is crucial as these molecules bind with collagen moieties and speed up their breakdown. Replacing sugars and simple carbohydrates with fresh fruits and vegetables is advisable.”
Dr Veenu Jindal, consultant- Dermatology, Max Hospital, Panchsheel Park

But when we say diet, is it just about food and water? As for many of us, those aren't the only things we consume. And how can we forget about the sedentary lifestyle.

Dr Veenu Jindal says, "not only diet, but exercising regularly and avoiding smoking and alcohol also helps. Smoking quickly and prematurely ages skin and alcohol dries out the skin, leading to older-looking skin."

To sum it up, just keep these things in mind as you hit your mid-twenties:

  • Your skin starts aging way before you think it does

  • Always wear suncreen during daytime

  • Use night cream no matter what your skin type is

  • Eat foods that keep your insides happy

Be kind to your skin!

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