Chetan Bhagat’s online Twitter poll shows the blind support Modi enjoys among the masses. (Photo: Reuters)
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Will You Support Modi If He Declares Emergency, Asks Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat’s online Twitter polls, in the recent past, have been quite a hit. Taking this ahead, he conducted another poll on Twitter on Tuesday asking people their views on PM Modi. Apparently, this is Mr Bhagat’s way of researching an article on which he is currently working.

The writer asked his twitter followers if they would support Narendra Modi if he imposed emergency to curb corruption. To his utter shock, out of over 9200 people who participated in the poll, 57 percent people replied in the affirmative.

Bhagat seemed rather displeased with the verdict of the voters and tweeted by saying that people don’t know how democracy works or what values should it uphold.

Responding to Bhagat, people were divided in their opinion. Here are a few examples:

Taking the debate a little further, he conducted another poll, only this time, with Rahul Gandhi at the centre. He asked people if they would take the Congress Vice President seriously after his ‘earthquake’ comments on the Prime Minister.

Here are the results of the second poll.

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