Super Century: India Must Resist Statism & Pursue Economic Reforms
Super Century: India Must Resist Statism & Pursue Economic Reforms
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Super Century: India Must Resist Statism & Pursue Economic Reforms

No matter who governs India, the essential challenge remains the same: To resist the crippling old tropes of statism and neutrality and pursue economic liberalisation and global engagement at all costs, so that India might finally convert our potential into power. We have survived – thrived, even – decades of flawed governance and backward policies; imagine what we could do with visionary leadership and enlightened practices! Indians deserve as much. The global stakes are higher than ever, and the clock is ticking.

It’s all here in my latest book, Super Century: What India Must Do To Rise By 2050.

You can order your copy on Amazon and Flipkart.

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Raghav Bahl is a writer, editor, broadcast journalist and an entrepreneur. In his first innings as the founder of Network18, he created two media companies, valued at over a billion dollars apiece, from scratch. He has the unique distinction of successfully partnering with competing media giants, including Bloomberg, CNN, Viacom, CNBC, A&E Networks and Forbes.

In his second innings, he has pioneered digital/mobile-first journalism in India with The Quint. His columns and video blogs are assiduously followed by Internet millennials.

His two earlier books, SuperPower? The Amazing Race between China’s Hare and India’s Tortoise and SuperEconomies: America, India, China and the Future of the World, have been bestsellers.

He has an honours degrees in Economics from St Stephen’s College and a master’s in business administration from the University of Delhi.

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