Marwari Couple Gives Up Mithai For Abs – We Can’t Help But Drool
Marwari Couple Gives Up Mithai For Abs – We Can’t Help But Drool
(Photo Courtesy: Aditya Sharma/Facebook)

Marwari Couple Gives Up Mithai For Abs – We Can’t Help But Drool

To everyone who made new year’s resolutions to “get fit”, and then as January ended so did their will and motivation, get ready to feel ashamed!

This Marwari married couple is making us shrivel up with envy and guilt with their fabulous transformation story.

Forty-year-old Aditya and Gayatri Sharma decided to give up on all that desi ghee and mithai, with of course a heavy heart. Aditya, who weighed 72 kgs and Gayatri who weighed 62 kgs started their ultimate fitness journey because Aditya’s shirts did not fit him anymore, according to a report by Times of India.

(Photo Courtesy: Aditya Sharma/Facebook)

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Three months of extreme dedication, healthy eating and vigorous exercise resulted in a 20kg lighter Aditya and a shell-shocked me! While wifey Gayatri didn't let him embark on this journey alone, there was a lot of “Bagawat” from mother dearest. 

He was quoted telling Times of India “Initially, it was very hard to convince my family members as every mother wants to feed her son good food and can’t see him starving or refraining from having delicacies that she has cooked for him.”

It took Aditya only a few months to lose 20 kg and decreasing his body fat to 8 percent, after which he moved over to concentrating on developing abs and lean muscles. Clearly the man was on a Milind-Soman-esque mission and it wasn't late till relatives and neighbours started seeing the results and wanted advice.

Don't drown yourself in a puddle of tears just yet. 
Gayatri proved her support and loyalty by training for a transformation herself. She lost 11 kgs in just 3 months and achieved a 25-inch waistline! Oh and did I forget to mention, she's also a mother of two? Yeah, now you can cry.

(Photo Courtesy: Gayatri Sharma/Facebook)

Gayatri has just completed her nutrition expert course and the two are now professional nutrition consultants offering online classes.

Feeling motivated enough? Time to renew that membership then.

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