5 Possible Reasons Why the Sudarshan News Reporter Heckled the Haldiram's Staff

Some theories as to why the Sudharshan News reporter thought of barging into Haldiram's and grill the manager.

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A reporter from Sudarshan News was recently seen heckling the staff at a Haldiram’s outlet about the Arabic packaging on one of their products. “Aisa kya jhooth parosna chahti ho?” hollered the anchor while hopelessly trying to milk a controversy out of a packet of snacks and two lines of Arabic description. Kudos to the store manager who refused to give in and did not let the (very annoying questions) of the anchor get the best of her.


After watching the news report, I had to think: Is this what news in India has come down to? Stupid question, I know. With every new mainstream report being more outlandish than the one that preceded it, I have come to realise that I have been asking this question a lot more of late. But anyway, the many issues that plague the Indian news apparatus is a can (packet in this case) of worms best left unopened.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the reporter was her courage. Come on, that’s one thing you have to give her credit for. Her insurmountable confidence is rare given how utterly baseless her issue is.

Also, why is she asking the store manager these questions when it's very clear that she wasn't responsible for the packaging? She's just managing the place, and I'm sure this was way out of her job description, but she still gave the reporter a befitting reply.

I tried unpacking what must have gone on in the reporter's mind before she pursued this story, and I have some theories.

1. Someone Needs an Appraisal…

I think if Sudharshan News took the hint and gave their employees timely appraisals, the anchor wouldn't have gone out looking for a story like this to gain the attention of her seniors. The things we do to impress our seniors!

2. Maybe She Truly Believes in The Cause?

Let’s consider the possibility that seeing Arabic descriptions on the packets of her favourite nashta is something that genuinely bothers her and is a very personal cause for her. She might be worried sick that the taste of the snack will actually change if the packaging is in a different language, and who wants to take that risk, am I right?

Some theories as to why the Sudharshan News reporter thought of barging into Haldiram's and grill the manager.

3. Her Boss Isn’t Exactly Fond of Her

We could never know the truth, but maybe this is a personal feud and the boss is very proud of what they just made their junior do. I can just imagine a senior editor in Sudarshan News’ newsroom smirking at the reactions to the report and thinking, ‘That’ll teach her!’


4. She Drew Inspiration From the Greats

Maybe her definition of journalism is the one she has drawn from other like-minded anchors such as Rahul Shivshankar, Navika Kumar, and of course, Arnab Goswami. Don’t be surprised if you see her yelling from a small window during prime time news in the future. Or if she becomes the next mainstream journalist to ask an Olympic gold medal winner to dish some details on their love life.

5. Maybe She Just Wanted to Go Viral?

And of course, it’s working. She’s an overnight sensation! So maybe the joke is on us for giving this video the attention it’s been getting… Too late. I might be making fun of her, but I know who the real winner is.

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