World Sleep Day 2023: 7 Reasons For Disturbed Sleep

People who sleep less than 7 hours can know the causes of poor sleep on world sleep day 2023

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There's no doubt that sleep is important for our body and it helps the body function properly. Sleep should be taken as a necessity and not a luxury or privilege. Sleep is not waste of time but it helps your body recover and repair overnight.

A good sleep is one when you have 8 or more hours of undisturbed sleep without any bathroom breaks in between. Sleep affects our metabolism, nervous system, and digestive system as well.

There have been times when you go to bed on time but you can't sleep and it may be due various reasons. Lack of sleep makes you drowsy and you don't even feel recharged and refresh in the morning. Proper sleep helps you stay active throughout the day. Here are the common 7 Reasons that may be the culprit for your poor sleep pattern.

  1. Anxiety – This has become a common health concern and our constant stress, worries, and tension may be reason for your uninvited anxiety at night. You might find yourself awake late at night thinking about random stuff that makes you more anxious. Try breaking the pattern by reading a book until you feel your eyes can't open anymore. Books will help you doze off quickly.

  2. Temperature – Our bodies often go through changes and there are times when body goes through internal or hormonal changes that affect the temperature of the body. If you’re too hot or too cold, you will surely wake up in the middle of the night. Thus make sure to find the ideal temperature using your thermostat and a blanket, so you can sleep soundly through the night.

  3. Electronics – Watching movies, scrolling on social media is a common habit that's ruining our sleep schedules. Too much stimulation like loud sound and artificial light before bed can make it difficult to fall asleep. Thus, avoid using electronic gadgets 2 hours before sleep.

  4. Alcohol – We all love to party and that's completely okay. Parties are known for junk food and alcoholic beverages. Alcohol once in a while is completely safe for you but the habit of having a nightcap before bed can be harmful, no matter how tempting it may sound. Even though alcohol may make you feel sleepy ,it fragments your sleep, making you feel zombie-like thus the good idea is to skip alcohol.

5. Caffeine – We all love a good cup or coffee, tea, and energy drinks may be for energetic mornings and late afternoons to keep unwanted naps at bay. We also enjoy them while working late at night but these are habits that can destroy your sleep pattern. Make sure to avoid drinking coffee after 5 PM to get to bed at the right time.

6. Exercising – Physical activity is great for health but you need to choose the right time to break a sweat for overall healthy impact. Never exercise before going to bed since it can raise your heart rate making it harder to fall asleep, so opt for a morning workout instead.

7. Artificial light – We tend to keep artificial light sources around us to avoid the sharp lights and also to feel calmer but research has proved that light dictates your body’s natural sleep pattern and your bedside lamp may be a distraction making you sleep later than you should. Thus switch off the lights completely and you’ll find yourself drifting off much faster.

8. Sleep apnea – This sleep disorder is characterized by disruptions in breathing during the night, which makes a person to wake up abruptly. It is important that you consult a doctor because this might be harmful and even fatal in the longer run.

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