Are You Tired All The Time? Beat Fatigue With This Cheat Sheet

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We’ve all been guilty of binge-watching our favourite shows late into the night on our laptops, sliding into positions our backs and necks will never forgive us for.

At some point, we’ve all fallen back on junk food as a meal replacement. And more often than not, our first meal of the day is usually consumed well into the afternoon.

All of these habits, combined with long hours spent working overtime, have contributed to our rapidly diminishing health. This is the reason that one out of every five Indians complain of fatigue as being their primary health concern.

Welcome to the ‘young people who are always tired’ club.

You Are What You Eat

When it comes to unhealthy lifestyles, we’re lowering the bar every day. Our weak bones, back pains, low stamina and inactivity that would put sloths to shame – all of it has to do with what we eat, and what we don’t. 
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Dr Pooja Sharma, a Mumbai-based accredited Nutritionist and Lifestyle expert, told The Quint about the deficiencies in our diet that can bring about fatigue.

Inactivity, irregular meal patterns, inconsistency in blood sugar levels and high intake of fried/empty calorie foods are the key reasons behind heightened fatigue levels in youngsters these days.
Dr Pooja Sharma, Mumbai-based Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert
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Maintaining fitness and gaining physical strength can be achieved by making a few changes in our eating habits. And exercise, of course, denying it won’t change anything.

When it comes to gaining strength, food is just as important as exercise. For example, simple inclusions in your diet can make a huge difference in your bone health and stamina. 
Dr Pooja Sharma

In order to enhance bone health, increase consumption of dairy products. Simultaneously, minimise the consumption of empty calories – like soft drinks, which can lead to excretion of phosphorous and calcium.

In order to increase stamina, increase intake of fresh fruits, fluids, dates and raisins.

Contrary to what popular weight-loss solutions say, an inclusion of carbohydrates provides most of the energy needed in our daily lives. So don’t shy away from carbs.

How To Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time

These days, many youngsters can’t even climb a few stairs or walk a kilometre. Work to gain body strength. You’re not bodybuilding so there’s no need to spend hours in the gym.
Dr Ishu Srivastava, a Delhi-based physiotherapist

Some changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in helping your body function better. And no, it doesn’t stop at tweaking diets.

With all these things in mind, here’s your five step guide to beating fatigue:

1) Include complex carbohydrates in your meals
2) Stock up on antioxidants
3) Have small and frequent meals
4) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
5) Avoid a sedentary lifestyle

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Some of these may sound obvious, but following them regularly will make a world of difference.

Remember these points the next time you blame your boss, or your massive study load for causing your fatigue.

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