5 Drinks for a Healthy Liver

Include these drinks from time to time in your diet to maintain a healthy liver.

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The liver is the second-largest organ in the body and it is considered one of the most important organs as well due to its various functions. The liver detoxifies the blood to be used by the rest of the organs and breaks down the nutrients. The body will suffer a lot if the liver doesn't function properly.

A healthy liver is crucial for one's overall health. An unhealthy liver can lead to liver disease and metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes being one of the most common conditions.

Although it is impossible to manage the risk factors, certain foods and drinks can help improve liver health. Here is a list of 5 drinks that can help detoxify the liver and maintain its health.


1. Coffee

Coffee has always been in the limelight for its adverse effects on the body but the truth is a coffee can help maintain an overall healthy body if consumed to the limit; anything in excess is not good for the body.

According to US NIH, regular consumption of the right amount of coffee can help reduce the risk of fatty liver disease. Research proves that daily coffee intake may help reduce the risk of chronic liver disease, thus protecting the liver from more dangerous conditions like liver cancer.

This is because coffee affects liver enzymes and reduces fat buildup in the liver. It also increases protective antioxidants in the liver and helps the body get rid of cancer-causing enzymes.

2. Amla Juice 

Gooseberry or amla is considered to be a healthy fruit in our country and people love to consume the Indian gooseberry in different forms like sweets, salad, pickles, and juices. It is even used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine that claims to detoxify the liver and kidneys, thus promoting healthy skin.

It is high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients that help the body get rid of toxins and maintain the health of our liver. Consumption of amla juice on empty stomach in the morning can be beneficial for the liver and stomach.

3. Fenugreek Water 

Fenugreek is a staple in the Indian kitchen and conscious moms try to use the fenugreek seeds in whichever dishes they can for an overall healthy body.

According to MedicalNewsToday, regular consumption of fenugreek water not only helps in losing weight but also improves digestion, thus promoting regular bowel movements. It is rich in fiber and antioxidants, which makes it one of the best detox drinks. You can drink it before going to bed since it helps flush out the toxins.

It is easy to make a detox drink; you just have to add a tablespoon of fenugreek powder in boiling water, let it steep for 15 minutes, and drink it three times a day.

4. Turmeric Water 

Turmeric has always been the favorite of mothers and a staple in the kitchen for decades. For 100 years, it has been used for medicinal purposes. Turmeric is believed to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and it also possesses antioxidants that will help detoxify the liver.

The antioxidant effect of turmeric is so powerful that it can protect the liver from harmful toxins and even the damage caused by the long-term use of medicines for diabetes and other chronic diseases. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties also make it beneficial for digestion.

Chamomile Tea 

Chamomile tea is known for its relaxing effects, and that is why people drink it before going to bed to improve their sleep quality. Chamomile tea contains sesquiterpene lactone that helps the liver in the process of detoxification. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of the herb promote faster detoxification and smooth functioning of the liver.

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