7 Things Not To Do After a Meal

Check the below given things one should avoid doing immediately after consuming a meal

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People are in a constant hurry nowadays and they want to do everything every day to lead a perfect life but there are some basic rules to live a healthy and balanced life. One may eat healthily, exercise regularly, and socialize weekly but there is no point in doing these things if they are not done in the correct order or how they should be done.

There are various things we do after having our breakfast, lunch, or dinner that can be harmful for us after a meal thus here are a few things listed below that should be avoided after a meal.


1. Drinking too much water- It is very crucial to strike a balance of staying hydrated when it comes to water consumption immediately after a meal. Drinking a lot of water right after eating can have an adverse effect on your digestion process by diluting stomach acid, which plays a crucial role in breaking down food. It is recommended to wait approximately 30 minutes after your meal before resuming your regular hydration routine as this gives your stomach ample time to begin the digestion process without the interference of excess water.

2. Taking a nap- Lying down immediately after consuming a meal can lead to discomfort, heartburn, and acid reflux, which can hamper the digestive process. To avoid these risks and promote optimal digestion, it's recommended to maintain an upright position ideally for at least two to three hours after eating. By staying upright, food moves through your digestive tract more effectively and helps prevent stomach acid from flowing back into the esophagus, reducing the likelihood of heartburn and acid reflux.

3. Consuming caffeine- Caffeine can exert an influence on the absorption of essential minerals and nutrients, particularly iron and calcium. The helpful strategy is to introduce a buffer period of approximately one hour following a meal before partaking in these beverages. This delay allows your body sufficient time to digest and absorb the nutrients from your meal without the potential interference caused by caffeine.


4. Skipping dental hygiene- Neglecting proper oral hygiene practices after eating causes a substantial risk to your dental health, leading to detrimental consequences for your teeth and gums. When food particles are left lingering on your teeth and in the spaces between, they create an environment ripe for the development of cavities and gum disease. Brushing helps remove food residue and prevent the formation of plaque while flossing ensures that no debris remains trapped between your teeth and along the gumline.

5. Having fruits after a meal- Fruits are best if you consume them on an empty stomach, or after a specific duration after your meal and not immediately after. Eating fruits right after meals may limit their absorption and lead to digestive problems as well as affect the taste.

6. Smoking- Smoking and tobacco are comparatively harsher on the stomach and the carcinogens that you inhale along the way can irritate the wall linings and intestines and lead to problems like IBS and bowel infections in the long run. Smoking one cigarette after a meal has the same effects as smoking 10 cigarettes at once.

7. Exercising- You should not engage yourself in vigorous physical activity immediately after a meal as it can disrupt the digestive process. This is because your body directs blood flow to the muscles you're using during those physical activities, diverting it away from the digestive organs which can potentially lead to stomach discomfort, cramping, and sluggish digestion. It's recommended to wait at least an hour after eating before engaging in intense physical activity during which your body can focus on digesting the food you've consumed, breaking it down efficiently, and absorbing essential nutrients.

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