Bigg Boss 16,1 December, Episode 62 Written Update: Archana vs Sumbul

Bigg Boss 16, 1 December 2022, full episode 62 written update - Archana and Sumbul get into an ugly spat.

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Bigg Boss 16,1 December, Episode 62 Full Written Update: In the previous episode of Bigg Boss 16 on 30 November 2022, Tina and Shalin were seen confessing love for each other, Priyanka and Ankit also sorted their differences and love was in the air in BB house.

Captain Nimrit was asked to rank housemates from 1 to 11 on the basis of their contribution in the house. She placed Shiv at number 1 and Ankit at number 11. Bigg Boss announced contestants will get the weekly ration based on their ranking. Shiv got the largest basket to get his ration while Ankit got the smallest basket. A feud was seen between housemates over the ranking.

Let us read about what will happen in today's episode on Thursday, 1 December 2022.


Bigg Boss 16,1 December, Episode 62 Written Update: Archana and Sumbul at Loggerheads

The episode starts with an argument between Tina and Nimrit over cleaning dishes. Tina says I won't clean the dishes because there is left over food in all plates. Tina calls housemates illiterate and mannerless. Shiv confronts Tina saying you can not call us illiterate and mannerless. Both get into a verbal spat.

Archana makes fun of Tina saying she is herself unhygienic and points out others. Archana says Tina has left flowers in a vase and they are rotten and stinking. She goes to Tina and tells her to remove them as they are smelling terrible.

Nimrit, Shiv, and Stan gossip about Ankit. Nimrit says he must be thinking whole day about which one liners he should use. Shiv says he doesn't speak too much and when he speaks everyone gets shocked. Nimrit says people don't have much expectations from him.


Archana, Tina, and Shalin discuss about Nimrit and Soundarya's reconciliation. Shalin says Nimrit is being nice towards Soundarya because she wants to include her in their group. Archana says I will break their group now. She says I will provoke Sajid and tell him why Nimrit did not gave him rank 2 and instead chose Soundarya. All laugh.

Archana and Soundarya get into a tiff over cooking. Soundarya says I cook better food than you and that is why Sajid and others praise me. Archana says no I cook tasty food. Both taunt each other and other housemates make fun of them.

Bigg Boss gives a new captaincy related task to housemates. Golden Guys will be in a helicopter and will throw golden coins towards the housemates. All the housemates except Nimrit and Stan will have to collect the coins. There will be 6 rounds in this task. By the end of each round, contestant who will have largest number of coins will become the contender. Nimrit and Stan are Sanchaalaks of this task and will declare the winners mutually.


In the first round, Nimrit and Stan declare Sumbul as the winner. Bigg Boss brings a twist in the game. He says Sumbul has to choose either contendership or she has to choose passcode for earning the prize money. Bigg Boss says in all the rounds, winners will be given a choice to choose either contendership or passcode. Sumbul says she would want to be the contender and sticks her picture on the contenders board. This does not go well with Archana and she gets angry. Furious Archana scolds Sumbul saying we lost the prize money because of you in the first place and now again you did the same. Archana says you don't have a personality or face to look like a queen. Soundarya and Shiv scold Archana for commenting on Sumbul's looks. Both Sumbul and Archana get into an ugly spat.


In the second round of the game, Nimrit and Stan declare Ankit as winner. Bigg Boss gives same option to Ankit to choose either passcode or captaincy contendership. Ankit chooses captaincy, Shiv taunts Archana saying why you did not say anything to Ankit. Archana says we lost prize money because of Sumbul in the first palce. Both argue on the same. Ankit says it is my personal choice so nobody has a right to say anything to me.

Shalin asks Nimrit why did she choose Ankit when he had more coins than him. Nimrit says you and Tina cheated. Both get into a verbal spat, where Shalin allegedly made fun of Nimrit's depression. Nimrit loses her control and tells Shalin that she will sue him. She cries inconsolably and all housemates try to calm her down. Ankit tells Nimrit that Shalin didn't say anything about her mental condition but she didn't listen to him.

Nimrit goes to washroom and cries. Sajid, Shiv, and Abdu comfort her and convince her to continue the task.


In the third round, Nimrit and Stan declare Shiv as the winner of the task. Bigg Boss asks Shiv to choose between captaincy and passcode. Shiv chooses passcode and housemates get the second passcode. Archana goes to Shiv and tells him, I am proud of you and this is the reason why I am fond of you.

In the fourth round, Shalin is declared winner and he chooses the contendership. In the fifth round, Priyanka wins the task and she also chooses captaincy. Archana tells her why did she do that when Ankit was also in the captaincy race. Priyanka replies that they are individual contestants and both want captainship.

In the sixth and last round, Soundarya wins the task. Bigg Boss asks her to choose among the two options and she chooses passcode. Housemates are happy because they got the third passcode.

Bigg Boss announces Sumbul, Ankit, Priyanka, and Shalin as contenders for captaincy. He tells housemates that out of 7 passcodes they have been able to get only 3 and that is why they have lost the chance to win the lost prize money.


All housemates get disappointed. Archana says it is Sumbul's fault because she started it. Ankit says no it was everyone's personal choice and nobody was supposed to force anyone.

Sajid talks to Nimrit about her fight with Shalin. Nimrit says I am exremely hurt and won't get over it. Sajid says you don't look like depressed and you are a strong lady. Nimrit thanks Sajid and says you have always been there for me.

Bigg Boss gives a new task to housemates. They are supposed to choose a pair who will go on a date together and two housemates will make pasta for them using the Smith & Jones pasta masala.

Housemates choose Archana and Shiv for a date and Sumbul and Soundarya for making pasta. Archana and Shiv get dressed up and enjoy the pasta. Bigg Boss plays a song on Archana's request and both dance together.


Tina who got unwell is taken to the medical room by Shalin, where doctor is examining her.

Shalin offers tea to Nimrit but she refuses to have it. Shalin apologizes and says she misunderstood him. Nimrit says I don't have a bandwidth to talk to you right now. Shalin walks away and says I will give you some time. Nimrit gets sad and cries. Abdu comforts her and says you are strong.

Sajid teases Abdu for being over protective about Nimrit. Sajid tells Abdu that he is acting. Abdu replies back saying I am not Shalin that I will put an act 24 hours. Sajid and others are impressed by Abdu's answer.

Archana calls Nimrit and says Shalin has spilled tea in the kitchen and is not cleaning. Shalin gets angry on Archana and calls her dirty woman. Archana gives him back saying you are living with a dirty woman and that is Tina. She says Tina is your girlfriend and she is the most dirty person in this house. Both exchange harsh words.

Nimrit, Sajid, Sumbul, Shiv, and others laugh over Shalin and Archana's fight. Nimrit says it is Karma.


After sometime, Shalin goes to Archana who is cooking food and tells her to cook bland food for Tina as she is unwell. Archana says I have already done that. Shalin apologizes to her and says he was frustrated because Tina is not feeling well.

Episode Ends Here.

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