Thank You Team India for Losing Champions Trophy 2017 to Pakistan

I am happy India lost the Champions Trophy. Here’s why you should be too. 

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 Virat Kohli & team failed to put up a good chase for Pakistan’s total of 338 in the Champions Trophy final. (Photo: AP)

Thank you Team India for losing the Champions Trophy 2017.

When they lost their ‘mauka’ (Photo: AP)
When they lost their ‘mauka’ (Photo: AP)

I used to switch on cricket only in the final 5 overs. That's what mattered, and frankly that's how much I was interested in. But today's 'epic showdown' wrapped before I could tune in and the dwindling innings discouraged me to even try watching it.

He’s got ‘Dhawan’ (Photo: AP)
He’s got ‘Dhawan’ (Photo: AP)

As Pakistan started to bat, I tweeted my wish to see Pakistan win this one – definitely not the sanest of things to say in a turbulent Twitter territory, but I took the bait.

The face of Indian cricket team in the final match (Photo: AP)
The face of Indian cricket team in the final match (Photo: AP)

A few people texted me their disappointment and reminded me that it's 'Father's Day' and how India is 'backed by a history of wins'. It smelled of arrogance.

(GIF: <a href="">Giphy</a>)
(GIF: Giphy)

I was cheering for India, but wanted Pakistan to win. Why? Because they were ridiculed for the broken English they speak. Because their cricketers, who like every other sportsmen were there to play, became a butt of jokes as they were suspected of bombing the match anytime. Easy jokes.

(Photo Courtesy: <a href=""></a>)
(Photo Courtesy:

The country's weird terror links became synonymous to its cricketing side as well. It reflected in the trolling, in the commentary box and everywhere else.

The tension was good, commercially. An India vs Pakistan match spins money than any pitch capable of a 'doosra'.

Sports channels looking for advertisers in an India v/s Pakistan match. (GIF: <a href="">Giphy</a>)
Sports channels looking for advertisers in an India v/s Pakistan match. (GIF: Giphy)

Our anchors, actors and cricketers reminded them that 'Rishte mein to hum tumhare baap lagte hain'.

The match was supposed to be one-sided and India was expected to win this ICC trophy, like it does usually. Naturally, it was supposed to be boring because 'India is going to win bro', I was told. Why should I be expected to feign interest in a 'pre-decided' match, then?

What a dampener! (Photo: AP)
What a dampener! (Photo: AP)

But thankfully, we lost. Fed enough with the Pakistanis-breaking-TV jokes recently, I quickly saw a few news channels showing effigy burning across the country. Virat, Dhoni, Jadeja, everyone burning bright – in the literal sense of the term.

India should've won for these people? Who don't even understand the spirit of this game? Who refuse to believe the legality of the match if it goes against their wishes? I'm glad India defeated them in its loss. Cheers to that feeling!

Team Pakistan with the trophy (Photo: AP)
Team Pakistan with the trophy (Photo: AP)

Also, this should bring back my love for an India-Pakistan match, now that I have seen it can go either way in the finals. May the better team win, always.

And India, may we win a hundred more trophies – but thank you for losing this one.

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