Transgender Reality: The Never Ending Fight For Work And Respect

Transgender Reality: The Never Ending Fight For Work And Respect

“Main galat shareer mein nahi, galat samaaj mein paida hui hun (I haven’t been born in the wrong body but in the wrong society).”
Madhuri Sarode Sharma 

While we celebrate the world changing towards a more progressive, inclusive society, there’s still a section that lives in seclusion from the mainstream. The transgender community in India is fighting an uphill battle to be considered a part of the functioning world.

The Quint spoke to three transwomen on the struggles of coming out, dealing with family, and finding a respectable job.


While they struggle from a young age to come to terms with their identity, a lot of them are threatened and thrown out of their homes.

This in turn leads to them being unable to complete basic education, which becomes a vicious circle leading to joblessness. Many transgender people despite having a formal education still find it difficult to get hired. It is not surprising then that they turn to begging.

While the transgender community is discriminated against on a daily basis, the laws aiming to protect them are not enough. The Transgender Bill which promises the community a discrimination free society has struggled to provide the bare minimum. The question remains - will people that do not fit society’s age-old customs and ideas ever find place to breathe in dignity?

Camera: Sanjoy Deb
Assistant Camera: Gautam Sharma
Editor: Ashish Maccune
Assistant Producer: Hiba Bég
Producer: Vishnu Venugopalan

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