Cruel Stepmother Stuffs Her Stepdaughter in a Jute Bag

Cruel Stepmother Stuffs Her Stepdaughter in a Jute Bag

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A shocking incident from Chandigarh came to light after a video on social media displayed a brutal act of a stepmother mercilessly beating her stepdaughter. The secretly video catches the ill-treatment of the 5-year-old girl by her stepmother Jaspreet Kaur on several occasions. In a barbarous act, the stepmother was seen stuffing her stepdaughter in a jute bag and shaking it. The girl can be seen crying helplessly. The victim’s father says he only learned of the abuse when his son told him.

My son used to tell me that after I leave home, my wife beats up Gagandeep, my 5-year-old daughter. When I asked him whether she misbehaves, he said she was beaten up only for urinating and excreting. 
Manmohan Singh, Victim’s Father

In another video, the stepmother can be seen tormenting the 5-year-old to find out what she’s up to at school. The father of the victim says that he asked his son to record videos on phone when his daughter was being beaten.

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I told my son to take photos or record videos on phone. My son recorded Jaspreet tormenting my daughter. When I saw the video, I asked her why she did it. She never gave me an answer. All she would say is that my daughter urinated or excreted. A woman has a soft corner, I married her so that my children could be taken care of.
Manmohan Singh, Father of Victim 

The incident came to light after the video, captured by the girl’s brother on her father’s phone, went viral on social media. The victim’s father lodged a police complaint against his wife after his son showed him the video. Jaspreet has been absconding since the police complaint was filed against her by her husband.

Video Editor: Mohd Irshad
Footage: ANI

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