#GoodNews: A ‘Prayash’ to Give Homeless HIV+ Children a Home

A shelter home in Orissa rehabilitates HIV+ children, without any aid from the government.

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#GoodNews: A ‘Prayash’ to Give Homeless HIV+ Children a Home

In Orissa’s Kalahandi there is a special home called Prayash that cares for children who are HIV+ and who were driven out of their neighbourhoods because of the illness.

Saroj Kumar Das started the shelter home in 2015 because he found himself looking for one.

“When I was working in CWC (Child Welfare Committee), then a school headmaster had written to us to rescue a girl who was suffering from HIV. With the help of CWC Kalahandi we were able to rescue the girls, but faced a lot of problems while trying for her rehabilitation. That moment, I felt inspired to start something like this for children suffering from HIV.”
Saroj Kumar Das, Founder, Prayash.

After rescuing the girl, Kumar brought her to the CWC and started searching for centres that admitted children affected with HIV, so the girl could stay there.

They finally found an organisation in Berhampur called Sradha Sanjeevani who took the girl. But they also told Kumar not to request them to keep any more HIV+ children.

“That moment, I felt that there is just one organisation that works for HIV affected children, and they are also telling us not to bring more HIV+ patients. Then, why shouldn’t I start something myself?”
Saroj Kumar Das, Founder, Prayash.

Not only is Saroj Kumar helping these kids find happiness, he is also fighting myths about the disease by explaining to people what it is and what its not. All he now needs is some help from the government for the cause that is saving lives.

“We try to convince people. Most of them still think that HIV spreads through touching, speaking or sharing food with each other. We want to treat such patients and take care of them on our own. We will do whatever we can for their inclusion in the society.”
Saroj Kumar Das, Founder, Prayash.
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