Cong Fires Six Burning Questions to PM Modi Over Pulwama Attack

Cong Fires Six Burning Questions to PM Modi Over Pulwama Attack

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The Congress party on Thursday, 21 February, accused the Narendra Modi-led government of using the Pulwama terror attack to gain political mileage.

The party said it had observed seven days’ mourning for India’s loss and that it is now raising questions about PM Modi shooting a film in Jim Corbett on the day of the Pulwama terror attack.

Congress alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued shooting for a film in the Corbett National Park for his propaganda and publicity till the evening of 14 February despite the Pulwama attack taking place in the afternoon that day.

There was no immediate reaction from the Prime Minister’s Office and the BJP over the allegations.

He said that PM Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah “have a bad reputation of politicising terror attacks”.

The disrespect of the soldiers’ sacrifice that PM Modi has shown after Pulwama has never been seen before, he said.

“PM Modi even gave a presser on the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, dissing the Congress. They were appealing for votes by politicising terror. When the soldiers were fighting terrorists, BJP were busy printing ads,” he said.

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Congress’ Questions to The Modi Govt

  • Was the Prime Minister busy shooting a film in Jim Corbett National Park just hours after the CRPF jawans were hit by a terror attack?
  • Why is PM Modi not accepting the failure of his security apparatus?
  • How did the terrorists gain access to arms like M4, carbines and rockets?
  • Why was JeM’s threat ignored?
  • Why was CRPF and BSF’s request for air transit denied?
  • Why do terror attacks keep happening after demonetisation?

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