What Did PM Modi Do on Day of Pulwama Attack? Here’s What We Know

What Did PM Modi Do on Day of Pulwama Attack? Here’s What We Know

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On 14 February 2019, Kashmir was hit by the worst terror attack in decades killing 40 CRPF personnel in Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir. Questions have been raised in the wake of the attack about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's whereabouts and a possible delay in his public condemnation of the attack.

So what exactly was PM Modi doing on 14 February?

  • 7 am: Prime Minister Modi arrives at Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. He is stuck there because of bad weather.
  • 11:15 am: Prime Minister Modi leaves for Jim Corbett National Park by helicopter. He first goes to Kalagarh and then Dhikala. PM Modi spends over 4 hours at Jim Corbett. He shoots for a documentary during this time.
  • 3:10 pm: Car bomb detonates at Pulwama, news begins pouring in soon after. PM Modi is still at Jim Corbett.
  • 4 pm: Prime Minister Modi reportedly leaves Jim Corbett.
  • 5:10 pm: Prime Minister Modi addresses a rally in Rudrapur through telephone, doesn’t mention Pulwama attack.
  • 6:46 pm: Prime Minister Modi finally tweets, condemning Pulwama attack.

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But Questions Remain

  • Was PM Modi at the documentary shooting when the attack took place?
  • When was he informed about the attack?
  • Did he continue shooting the documentary even after being told about the attack?
  • Why did it take PM Modi over 3 hours to react to the attack?
  • Did PM Modi know about the attack before addressing the rally at Rudrapur?
  • If he knew, why did he go ahead with the rally?
  • Why didn’t PM Modi express his anger at the attack, in his speech?
  • PM Modi’s reaction came 90 minutes after his speech. Was the rally more important than reacting to the attack?
  • And if PM Modi didn’t know about the attack when he addressed the rally, why was this information kept from him?

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Three Possibilities

  1. Top govt functionaries failed to communicate with each other after such a major terror attack. Verdict: Indifferent
  2. PM Modi knew of the attack but still went ahead with his shooting and rally. Verdict: Insensitive
  3. PM Modi came to know about the attack slightly late in Jim Corbett, yet went ahead and addressed the rally in Rudrapur. Verdict: Indifferent and insensitive

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