Those Politicising Amritsar Mishap Should be Ashamed: Navjot Kaur

Those Politicising Amritsar Mishap Should be Ashamed: Navjot Kaur

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Navjyot Kaur Sidhu, the wife of Congress leader Navjyot Singh Sidhu, on Friday, 19 October, refuted reports that suggested she left the Amritsar train mishap site after the accident occured. Kaur had been invited as the chief guest at the Dusshera celebrations at the grounds where the accident took place.

Speaking to ANI, Kaur said she had left the event as soon as the effigy was set alight.

“I left before the accident took place. People were standing on the tracks and taking selfies. I left as soon as the effigy had been set ablaze. I wasn’t there when the accident took place.”

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She further urged that the focus should be on treating the persons who were injured from the accident.

Lashing out at the opposition for playing a blame game, Kaur further said:

“Dussehra celebrations are held there every year. People who are doing politics over this incident should be ashamed. Did we ask them to sit on the tracks? The people from our area have lost lives, and our throats are sore from giving orders to ensure that everything is done.”

Pointing out the breakneck speed of the train that rammed into the standers-by, Kaur questioned the alleged ‘oversight’ by the railways, claiming that the Dusshera celebrations had happened at the site year after year.

“If they know there was such an event happening near the tracks, they should have at least slowed the train down. This is a big lax on part of the railways.”

Over 60 persons were killed and several others were injured after DMU train number 74943 ran into people gathered near the railway tracks at Amritsar’s Jora Phatak to witness the Dussehra celebrations on 19 October.

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