Modi Celebrates Gujarat Win, Rahul Says PM Has Credibility Problem

Modi Celebrates Gujarat Win, Rahul Says PM Has Credibility Problem

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Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday said the Gujarat election results raise questions about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's credibility after he led the BJP to a narrow victory in his home state.

PM Modi said that this election was fought on issues of development and the results are an approval of the GST. Interestingly, in his speeches, he didn’t talk about GST or demonetisation. There is now a big question mark on Modi’s credibility. He has a credibility problem.
Rahul Gandhi, Congress President

Gandhi also hit out at Modi's Gujarat model of development, describing it as "good propaganda" and marketing, but "hollow from within".

I came to know there that people of Gujarat actually do not accept Modi’s model
Rahul Gandhi, Congress President

The BJP won 99 seats in the 182-member assembly, down from 115 it won in 2012, and far lower than the 150-plus seats it had hoped for. It is also the first time in 22 years that the BJP has ruled Gujarat that its tally has fallen below 99.

The Congress won 77 seats, up by 16 seats, which Gandhi called a "very good result" for the Congress, and a moral victory.

He said Gujarat has given a message to the BJP and Modi that the anger within them would not work, Gandhi said.

One can defeat opponents only with love and brotherhood, he said, a day after the election results were announced.

Earlier, speaking at the BJP headquarters on Monday, PM Modi had congratulated his party workers for win in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly polls. He had further said that he was happy that his colleagues have continued the development of Gujarat even after he has left the state.

The results prove that the country is ready for the reforms. The people are looking at things in positive light. They are ready to transform. If you don’t work for the development, if you are engaged n wrongdoings and have made it a priority then people will vote you out after 5 years.
Narendra Modi, Prime Minister

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