Fake Orgasms to Turn-Ons: Indians Open Up on Their Sex Lives

Fake Orgasms to Turn-Ons: Indians Open Up on Their Sex Lives

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If Valentine’s Day is here, can sex really be far behind? From fake orgasms, to preferred days for sex and top excuses to avoid fornicating, there is no end to discussions on sex.

But what are Indians thinking about sex? Check out what this survey reveals.


The survey, commissioned by Tinder, spoke to 1,500 single people between the ages of 18-34 years, across 7 cities. Here are the most interesting things we learnt.

1. Do people want to experiment in bed?

79% of the respondents said they do. Talk about spicing things up in bed!

2. How often does one think about sex?

23% of women and 30% of men think about sex at least once a day. Turns out, women are not far behind when it comes to fantasising.

3. What's the best time for sex?

60% stick to night time, while 8% prefer mornings and 32% say 'any time'.

4. What gets people in the mood?

Not very unexpected, but good food leads to good sex for several people. Sometimes, a promotion or even gifts do the needful! But topping the list were holidays and travelling.

5. How many have faked an orgasm?

50% women have faked it and – wait for it – 46% men have too!

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Video Editor: Purnendu Pritam

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