Dear Virat Kohli, You Can’t Take Away Fans’ Freedom of Choice

Dear Virat Kohli, You Can’t Take Away Fans’ Freedom of Choice

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If you want to live in India, you must chant Kohli's name. If you praise Smith, Joe Root or any other foreign player, then you must leave this country. I am not saying this; our Indian Men’s Cricket team captain Virat KohlI is.

Here’s what Kohli said:

Our Captain thinks every Indian should be a fan of only Indian players. If you're not one of them, you must book a flight and leave this country. So, if you are a fan of Brian Lara, you must book a ticket to the West Indies. If you like Ponting, you must fly to Australia.

Come on, Virat Kohli!

You are a master of your game and your maturity, with respect to your game, is commendable.

But how can a sportsperson demand that people should like him? It is an individual choice. Why should you have the power to say one must watch Sachin Tendulkar’s batting and not Brian Lara’s?

This sounds much like the politicians who say, "go to Pakistan". Politicians want to make use of every opportunity, they want to win votes. But which election are you trying to win, Virat?

And if patriotism is to be fathomed only by loving everything in our country and doing everything here, then Virat, let's talk about your wedding in Italy.

Can we ask, why you didn't get married in India?

You are promoting international products across social media. You even drink water that’s brought from another country. You support Germany in the football World Cup. India didn’t even play in the FIFA World Cup. Then why didn’t you quit watching football?

If we go by what you are saying, then no one in this country can be a fan of sports stars like Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Serena Williams or Messi. But Mr Captain, sportsperson belong to everyone.

Just the way everyone cheered when you hit a century in Adelaide in  Australia, if a fan in Kotla cheers for Steve Smith, you mustn't feel bad about it.

Suppose you go to a foreign country and a kid comes to you for an autograph, would you say they shouldn't ask for one because you don't belong to their country?

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