‘Art Attack’ on Trump in an International Cartoon Contest in Iran

International Trumpism Cartoon and Caricature contest organised in Iran, saw 1614 participants from 75 countries.

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An International Trumpism Cartoon and Caricature contest was held in Iran. The event invited artists from across the world. The response was impressive as 1614 participants from 75 countries took part in the event.

Artists have gone to the extent of drawing comparisons between Trump and the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. According to Masuod Shojai Tabatabaei, the organiser of the contest, the name ‘Trumpism’ was chosen because he bears racist ideologies like those propagated by the Nazis.

Hadi Asadi, an Iranian artist, was the winner of the contest. He was awarded $1500. Hadi Asadi speaks about his work.

In my artwork Trump is trampling over books that symbolise human wisdom and insight. He insists on ruling the whole world and has a warmongering trait. I have shown the world map as clouds in the sky which can be swept away as a result of his behaviour.

Several selected works are reportedly to go up for exhibition in several countries. The organisers had held Holocaust cartoon contest in 2016 .

The spiteful and clever comic satire can be perceived as a reaction to the immigration ban on citizens of seven countries authorised by Trump Administration. Iran is one of the countries that fall under the ‘banned’ list. Donald Trump’s rhetoric against Iran’s 2015 Nuclear deal had already made sure that he was not on the good side of the Iranians.

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim

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