Here’s How ICC Could Have Picked the World Cup Champion Instead

People are now questioning ICC’s decision. If this is how the decision was to be made, ICC could have consulted me.

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My bat, so I will bat first. If I win the toss, I will win the match too. One touch, one hand catch will be considered out. These are my rules.

Similarly, ICC has its own rules. England won the World Cup by 0 wickets because of ICC’s rules. And this amazing, unimaginable result is credited to the same rules. Duckworth and Lewis chacha might also be wondering how ICC did this.

In the 2019 World Cup finals, New Zealand scored 241 runs off 8 wickets in 50 runs. England chased and managed to score 241 runs. The match was tied.

T20 rules were then applied and they played a ‘super over’. It all went in vain and match was tied in the ‘super over’ too. But ICC decided to give the trophy to the team which hit more number of boundaries.

People are now questioning ICC’s decision. If this is how the decision was to be made, ICC could have consulted me. Could have phoned me to ask. But well.. I do not answer calls from unknown phone numbers.

Let’s tell you the alternative steps that could have been taken by ICC.

1. The Team at a Disadvantageous Position Will Lose

The question that arises is why consider more number of boundaries and  not the number of wickets. Because in cricket, the ball is as important as the bat.

2. Hard Work Pays Off

If the match is tied, we will see which team worked harder. You might be wondering how? Hard work will be measured by whichever team scores more runs by running between the wickets.

3. Match Should Start & End With A Toss

If the match starts with a toss, it must end with a toss too. The team who wins the toss, wins. The toss shall happen using notes.

4. Get Support From the Opposition Team Members to Win the World Cup

If you want to win the World Cup you have to get support from the opposition team members. We have borrowed this idea from India’s politicians. If we don’t manage to win, we can get support. If this can be applied to form state governments it can be applied to win the World Cup. After a tie, the team which manages to trick the players of the opposition team and gain their support will be announced victorious. We can book also hotel for it if needed.

5. More Social Media Followers

The one who has more social media followers becomes the hero of the World Cup. Now this is a unique parameter. If the match ends on a tie, we will compare social media followers of both the teams’ captains. But if this rule is imposed, people will say that Virat Kohli should be an exception.

6. Queen of England Could Decide Who Wins

If the match happens in London or any other commonwealth nation then the queen can make the decision. But if England is playing, Shashi Tharoor can decide too, because of his fancy English.

7. Victory for the Team Which Has More Senior Players

The team which has more number of senior players will win because farewells are given after retirements.

8. Akad bakkad bumbay bo 80, 90, poore 100. Sau mein laga dhaaga, chor nikalke bhaaga can be applied too.

9. Comparing Class 10 Marksheet of Both Captains

ICC could have taken a decision in other ways too. It could have compared class 10 results of Kane Williamson and Eoin Morgan. The one who has scored better would have won. But they would have to keep a check on fake degrees.

10. The Team with More Number of Supporters in the Stadium Wins

The one with more number of supporters could have won in the Parliament, victory depends on the number of politicians. The team with more number of supporters in the stadium can win. This will require voting and there should be no horse trading. If this is followed, India is sure to win no matter where the match takes place.

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