Patna Students Question Benefits Of 10% Quota Law

Patna Students Question Benefits Of 10% Quota Law

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With the 10 percent quota Law being passed in Parliament for the economically weaker sections among upper castes sparking nationwide debate, The Quint’s Chaupal reaches Patna to interact with the students of Patna University and get their views.

The 10 percent quota Law, which was passed in the Parliament, intends to provide reservation for the economically weaker sections among upper castes.

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‘Only those Who Get a Good Education Will Excel’

Most students The Quint spoke to questioned the effectiveness of the move. Many also said it was a political stunt of the BJP ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“No, I don’t think this will be beneficial because the reservation is for those with an income of Rs 8 lakh [per year] and below. Ninety-five percent of the population falls under this category. This would mean that only those people who receive a good education will excel.”
Ajay Kumar, Student, Patna University

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Will Reservation Prove Beneficial for the Economically Backward?

While some students welcomed the move, they questioned the annual income slab set by the government for deciding who can be classified as economically backward.

“Ten percent reservation in government jobs is fine. But the Rs 8 lakh slab is not fine because one who earns that much cannot be called poor. A person earning Rs 2 lakh can be called economically weak.”
Kanhaiya, Student, Patna University

BJP’s Political Stunt?

Many students were also of the view that this was nothing but the BJP’s political stunt after losing out in the state Assembly elections in December 2018.

“It’s a political agenda for vote bank. They are trying to take advantage of NOTA. They are trying to attract the general category by giving them 10% quota. You are giving reservation to the entire general category. It is said also that BJP is the government for ‘business’ people. Why did they not give this reservation earlier?”
Manan J Adiya, Student, Patna University

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Caste-based or Economic-based Reservation?

“If you are giving reservation, it shouldn’t be category wise but it should be based on one’s financial status. Give reservation to those who are genuinely weak, financially. The 8 lakh slab is not appropriate. Don’t go by caste, check their financial status or just eliminate reservation. Judge on the basis of quality.”
Juli Kapoor, Student, Patna University

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