In Muzaffarnagar, Women Voters Hear Promises, But Nothing More

In Muzaffarnagar, Women Voters Hear Promises, But Nothing More


Video Editor: Varun Sharma/Abhishek Sharma

A demographic which is seldom paid attention in elections are the women voters. So, The Quint reached Muzaffarnagar for 2019 Lok Sabha election reportage where in Jadoda village, a chaupal with women voters led to insights on what issues matter to women voters in UP, their hopes from the incoming government and their opinion on women's representation in politics.

Pooja is a resident of Muzaffarnagar, but the benefits of government schemes like Ujjwala scheme still haven't reached her.

“I have filled the form 3 times, but I still haven’t got a gas connection. They say the form is filled and gas will be supplied to you. But we had to buy gas from the mall. We have a small cylinder which sustains us for 8 days, and then we get it refilled.”

Watch the video to find out what issues matter to the woman voter in Muzaffarnagar.

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