Donald Trump Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize... Uh, What?

Donald Trump Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize... Uh, What?


And, the latest Nobel Peace Prize nominee is... Donald Trump. Apparently for his “vigorous peace through strength ideology.”

I completely get this. What’s more peaceful than insisting that all Muslims be barred from entering the USA? And branding all Mexicans rapists… and calling all Chinese cheats.

Xenophobia… Islamophobia… Rampant Sexism… Misogyny… and Racism.. to name a few.. are all part of Trump’s “strength ideology”… and this will eventually lead to peace, right? Somehow?!?

Well, Donald Trump has joined the illustrious list of Nobel peace prize nominees that include Hitler and Mussolini.

Hey Nobel Committee, please plug these nomination leaks before you turn into a bigger joke than Trump’s hair.

Facts is.. we now live in a world where Donald J Trump will go down in history as a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. I can’t even deal.

And since Nobel is just giving them out.. can someone nominate me? Love, Light and Peace guys!!

(Video Editing: Prashant Bhardwaj)

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