This Diwali Look Will Save You From Pollution and Shaadi Rishtas

This Diwali Look Will Save You From Pollution and Shaadi Rishtas


Diwali fashion is mostly about parting many thousands from your wallet to ethnic stores who did a really good job at marketing. No but seriously, a big part of the Diwali experience lies in the clothes.

So we thought, wouldn’t it be a fun idea to give you guys a dose of the Honest Diwali wardrobe.

I mean, we could all do with a kala chashma to save us from those weirdly coloured lights. (Pink lights, really? is it your house or a Love Hotel?)

And of course, we got some crop tops for all Punjabis in the house – the crops of the mother state being so much in the news and all that.

And how can we do without the sanskaari, non controversial lehenga. (It’ll also give me one less thing to be trolled about.)

Wait, there’s a special addition – a pair of sneakers for when the rishtedaars start talking about shaadi!

And finally, no Diwali look will be complete without a pollution mask. Get yourself the latest designer one!

Camera: Athar Rathar
Video Editor: Rahul Sapui

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