‘Hinduism is a Religion, Don’t Politicise it:’ Rapper Nigavithran

‘Hinduism is a Religion, Don’t Politicise it:’ Rapper Nigavithran


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Excuse me Modi
Who is the Anti-Indian?
Who did you disguise with masks and ask to beat students with iron rods?
This is our country.
Do not split it based on religion.
Hinduism is a religion.
Don’t politicise it.

Chennai-based rapper Nigavithran is furious about the “indifferent attitude of the government” and wants to express solidarity with all the students protesting against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), National Register of Citizens (NRC) and National Population Register (NPR).

The 25-year-old has penned a strong protest song, ‘Excuse me Modi,’ which is being widely appreciated on Instagram.

He has been participating in protests happening in Chennai regularly and is using art to voice his concerns. “Protesting is our right. And police should not treat the public so harshly,” he told The Quint.

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Using Art to Inform, Protest

Nigavithran juggles between working as a graphic designer at a media firm and being a musician. He is also part of a collective of like-minded artists.

While participating in various protests, he noticed that many were unaware about why they were disagreeing with the government-approved legislation. He also came across several people on social media who failed to understand why students across the country were protesting.

“The government is loading us with problematic policies and taking the country forward in a communal way. So, I decided to write this song to inform people. Everyone is protesting in their own way and I decided to protest with art,” he said.

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‘Anyone Who Dissents is Being Tagged as Anti-Indian’

He slammed the present government at the Centre, saying anyone who raises voice or dissents is being tagged as ‘anti-Indian.’

“If you play this song to BJP’s H Raja, all that he will say is, I am anti-Indian.”
Rapper Nigavithran

“You need to look at this song as being not just anti-CAA but against communal divide,” he added.

“Fools who are in a position of authority cannot rule for very long.
If people start to fight back your dominance won't stand a chance.
'Indian' is our identity.
There is no place for dictatorship.
Religion comes halfway.
Humanity alone will last forever.
Today’s protest is tomorrow’s history.
Your dominance won't stand a chance.
Ambedkar's laws (the Constitution) are enough,” sings the artist in his latest song.

A Message to The Government

Nigavithran vows that all students will continue to fight until the government listens to them and strikes down laws “that are anti-Indian by nature.”

“All that we have to tell the government is, ‘Let us be. Don’t impose your will upon us. We shall lead our lives in our own style.”
Rapper Nigavithran

Back in 2017, the BSc graduate had released a rap number, titled 'Digital Moonji’ slamming government policies and showing solidarity with those protesting against the Neduvasal hydrocarbon project.

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