A Celebration of Indian Languages with Quint Hindi and Google

A Celebration of Indian Languages with Quint Hindi and Google


Quint Hindi is known for its standout content and credible journalism. It is the same credibility that you associate with The Quint network – The Quint, Quint Hindi, Quint Fit, Quint Neon and Bloomberg Quint. This initiative of Quint Hindi and Google is an effort to help Indian languages gain the same prominence and popularity on the internet as English.

Both TV and print have not been so successful in this mission, but digital technology is ushering in ground-breaking changes. Online media is providing a much-needed platform for Indian languages. There are some challenges, some hurdles, when one has to compete with English, but there are people who are unstoppable. They are constantly innovating, solving problems, and not ready to give up on bringing Indian languages to the web.

Quint Hindi and Google’s initiative salutes such people and companies. We also want to talk about the challenges that these entrepreneurs deal with.

We cannot downplay our languages by simply bracketing them as regional languages, and now isthe perfect time to celebrate Indian languages in online media and afford them their rightful place.

Bol – Love Your Bhasha

On 18 September 2018, our special event Bol – Love Your Bhasha will bring together several personalities who have played a key role in giving Indian languages their due place on the web.

We’ll talk about the future of Indian languages and the challenges that lie ahead.

Watch out for Bol – Love Your Bhasha!

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