Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: The Ultimate Multiplayer Game?

Call of Duty Mobile vs PUBG Mobile: The Ultimate Multiplayer Game?


Call of Duty: Mobile is due to be launched officially in a couple of days. However, the game has made it to many websites and can be downloaded from unofficial sources via .apk files.

Though COD (Call of Duty) fans are going gaga over the game there are a few PUBG fans who think it doesn’t have enough to dethrone PUBG as the best multiplayer game currently.

So, we downloaded Call of Duty: Mobile and pit it against PUBG to see whether it really is a big deal as many claim it to be.

In terms of the gameplay, COD: Mobile shares a lot of similarities with PUBG. COD also offers both first person and third person shooter perspectives. However, I like the first person mode better.

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The COD gameplay is very smooth and feels faster than PUBG. It comes with 8 multiplayer maps that you can play and offers several game modes like Domination, Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch and more.

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COD: Mobile also comes with a Battle Royal mode and is currently hosting a single map which borrows various locations and elements including areas like Crash, Estate, Standoff, and more.

In terms of weapons, transport and gear, COD: Mobile has a very futuristic look to it. The game also allows players to fly a helicopter in the Battle Royal mode. Something that’s happening for the first time.

Against PUBG, COD doesn’t have a string community which is where the game lacks. However, it does give players the option to invite friends from various social media circles and even lets them play each other in a single room. A feature you have to pay for in PUBG.

There is still a lot of polishing that is need to make COD: Mobile the ultimate battle royale multiplayer game in India. However, considering what it is offering right now, PUBG has some serious competition.

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