Mental Heads: Stamping Out Stigma Around Mental Illness

Mental Heads: Stamping Out Stigma Around Mental Illness


(Five out of ten leading causes of disability around the world are mental health issues. As part of a series of articles leading up to World Health Day on 7 April, The Quint is focusing on raising awareness and mobilising support)

Stigma Ain't Dead is the debut spoken word and rap single by the Mental Heads - India's first troupe of spoken word poets who perform from their lived experiences of mental illness with one mission – to stamp out stigma! This single is their special for World Mental Health Day, where they collectively take a dig at the different stereotypes and myths about those who have mental disorders.

Mental Heads perform individual and group slam poetry pieces to question stereotypes, bust myths and spread awareness on the challenges faced by people living with mental illness.

Mental Heads was formed by social enterprise CraYon Impact's spoken word collaboration project - Rhyme with Reason.

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Check out some behind-the-scenes action here too:

(This article was first published on 8 October 2016. It is being reposted from The Quint’s archives to mark World Health Day on 7 April 2017.)

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