Review: PUBG on PS4 is Very Different from the Mobile Version

Review: PUBG on PS4 is Very Different from the Mobile Version

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It’s taken a while but it’s finally here. PUBG Corp. has released the Playstation 4 version of its blockbuster mobile multiplayer game PUBG and we tested the game to find out how different it is from the mobile version.

The game is available for download via the Sony Playstation Store and you can also purchase the disc offline for Rs 1,999. The game only comprises of the basic multiplayer game and you will have to buy packs and coins separately.

The PS4 version doesn’t have any Royal Pass missions nor does it have an Arcade Mode like the mobile version. The developer might add these features later.

There is a lot of hard work for gamers when it comes to playing PUBG on PS4. Like the fact that you now have to loot guns, gear and ammo manually and slot them according to the way you want.

There is no automatic sorting in the game. This becomes a pain when you are in the middle of an intense battle.

The graphics, interface and the gameplay is more like the PC version of PUBG. Some of the challenges that players will face is that there are no visual cues for enemy footsteps on the map and also you will not get to know the direction from which the enemy is attacking you.

Some subtle additions have been made to the map, which you will stumble upon the more you explore the game. Like the windows of the house have glass panes so every time you jump through a window you’ll hear the glass break.

Despite being a different platform and having different style of play, I believe that many PUBG mobile gamers who have a Playstation will definitely love the experience on the PS4 as well. The gameplay might not feel that swift and you will take time to get used to how the keys function, but the experience on the big screen will be a whole lot refreshing.

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