Samsung Allegedly Used a DSLR Image to Market Mobile Camera, Again
The photo on Samsung Malaysia’s website.
The photo on Samsung Malaysia’s website.(Photo Courtesy: Samsung Malaysia)

Samsung Allegedly Used a DSLR Image to Market Mobile Camera, Again

Samsung has been accused of passing off a DSLR photograph as one from the camera of its Galaxy A8 Star, The Verge reported, citing a DIY Photography blog.

In the blog, the owner of the photograph not only accuses Samsung of lifting her photo but has also claimed that Korean company has changed the background and edited the photo to market its phone in Malaysia.

Dunja Djudjic, the original photographer says that she found out after the image was sold on one of Getty's platforms.

Upon doing a reverse search on the photo, she found out that it is being used by Samsung Malaysia to market the A8 Star’s camera.

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Djudjic claimed that Samsung even changed the background on the photo, in order to highlight the phone’s portrait mode feature.

“The original photo was taken at f/2.0 if I remember well, and they needed the “before” and “after” – a photo with a sharp background, and another one where the almighty “portrait mode” blurred it out. So Samsung’s Photoshop master resolved it by using a different background.”
Dunja Djudjic, owner of the photo

This is not the first time Samsung has done this. Earlier this year, Samsung Brazil used a DSLR photo as one from the Galaxy A8's camera.

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei did the same thing in August when, in a Huawei Egypt advertisement, it used pictures clicked from a DSLR and passed them as images clicked by the Nova 3i's front camera.

(With inputs from The Verge and DIY Photography.)

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