New to PUBG? Here’s How to Stay Put in the Battleground for Longer

Simple tips to follow if you have JUST started playing PUBG. 

Published25 Jul 2018, 01:08 PM IST
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If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you must have seen memes on PUBG and if you’re not and want to know what the fuss is about, read on! PlayerUnknown’s Battleground, that is the full name of the game, but people prefer calling it PUB-G. As in, say the word ‘pub’ and a ‘G’. Please don’t call it P-U-B-G!

It’s an online multiplayer game that’ll have you addicted if you enjoy whiling away time shooting bullets (in a game). If you’re struggling to get a hang of it, don’t worry, just follow these simple steps which will help you stay alive.

Caution: Your game avatar will be in undergarments when you start, so don’t be shocked. You can loot clothes, shoes, vests and helmets. The weaponry and other supplies also come along while playing.

Don’t Go for Pochinki, Right in the Beginning!

New to PUBG? Here’s How to Stay Put in the Battleground for Longer
(Photo: Facebook/PUBG)

The trick to stay alive on land starts when you’re still in the air. We understand, as humans, we are bound to be greedy, which means you’d want to land in an area with a lot of buildings. Yes, these building usually have a lot to loot and weapons too.

But that’s where others will choose to land as well. If you’re playing solo, it’s better to land in a small town, where you can get the basic supplies and move towards the bigger buildings.

By the way, Pochinki is one of the most dangerous locations on the map.

World’s a Village...

New to PUBG? Here’s How to Stay Put in the Battleground for Longer
(Photo: Screenshot/PUBG)

The world might not be enough in Bond movies, but what makes PUBG interesting is that it is! The play area keeps shrinking, so keep an eye out on the map on the top right (it’s not some random distraction). It will usually consist of two circles - blue and white. You have to be inside the white circle or else the blue line closing in on you, could kill you (not unlike Delhi’s Blue Line buses of yore). *evil laugh*

And just like real life, keep away from the red zones. These are like PUBG air strikes. Your best bet will be to stay far away from them and if you’re caught, just stay inside a house and away from the windows.

What’s That Noise I Hear?

New to PUBG? Here’s How to Stay Put in the Battleground for Longer
(Photo: GIPHY) 

Sound plays a great role in PUBG. So, make sure you’re using a pair of earphones. You can hear the players walk, drive and shoot, which in turn helps you identify where the danger’s coming from. And that applies to you too! You want to limit the amount of noise you make. They might not be able to see you but they can hear, and then kill you, who knows. It’s best to keep your microphone turned off, if you want, so others don’t hear your conversation.

Shut Those Doors Behind You...

No, this is not a warning from childhood. The reason why you must shut those doors is because you don’t want other players to know you’re in the house. If the door’s left open, it’s rather easy for someone to spot you and kill you.

Inversely, you might be tempted to leave the door open and stand next to it thinking you’ll kill whoever comes in looking for you. But what if you’re not as prompt?


New to PUBG? Here’s How to Stay Put in the Battleground for Longer
(Photo: GIPHY)

You’ll Need Those Painkillers...

Your player name comes with a white bar, which shows the status of your health. So don’t worry, you don’t just get killed unless you’re shot in the head. You have a chance of recovering, before you ‘die’ and transform into a green crate. So to charge up, you’re expected to stock up on bandages, first aid kit, painkillers, medicines and energy drinks. And please don’t stand out there in the open, healing yourself. Find a safe spot!

Now, my friend, you’re ready for Pochinki.

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