India Mobile Congress 2018: 5G Testing Begins & Jio Fiber Internet

India Mobile Congress 2018: 5G Testing Begins & Jio Fiber Internet

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The India Mobile Congress 2018 has given us a glimpse into how 5G is about to take the world by storm, but we’ll have to wait for that.

Day 1 of the India Mobile Congress (IMC) held in New Delhi, was more about 5G and less about consumer technology. Needless to say that the future of tech in India is quite bright, but it’s still in the future for now.

Speaking of 5G, Chinese tech giant Huawei showcased its 5G use case demos in partnership with Bharti Airtel at the event.

Also, Reliance Industries (RIL) Chairman Mukesh Ambani said during an opening note that all mobile phones in India will be connected through 4G network by 2020.
He also said that India would be ahead of other countries in adopting 5G technology.

Intel was among the scheme of things when it comes to 5G technology. It showcased what it called a 5G-ready 2-in-1 computer that is capable of running on 5G technology.

The reference design will be available for laptop makers like Dell, HP and Lenovo among others. They aren’t keen on pushing out devices for the heck of it, which means don’t expect them to last for long duration on a single charge.

The chip and solution provider also has ambitions to set up 5G connectivity via alternative technology models, that could be feasible to work in non-urban parts of India. And then, you have the show-stopper ie Reliance Jio showcasing its arsenal that will roll out publicly in the coming years. We have already seen its capability with mobile 4G and connected cars, where the former has helped it get more than 250 million users on board.

Now they want to enter your homes with smart TV solutions, all accessible via the Jio GigaFiber broadband service, which is gradually reaching consumers. The event’s primary focus has been 5G, but we’re yet to see if all this promise will turn into reality anytime soon.

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