You May Soon Have Faster Broadband Thanks to This Humble Device

Forget 4G or 5G, here’s how you can increase your broadband speeds. 

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Fix your existing broadband speed without splurging.

We’ve come across all sorts of technology that vouch to increase internet speeds at your home but most of them are yet to work out in real life (at least in front of our eyes).

But things could be different this time, as noted researchers from University College London claim they might finally have the trick to boost existing broadband speeds.

Now how did they manage that? All thanks to a receiver, used in the optical access network, which links the person using the internet to the internet providers (or ISPs).

Unlike the existing receivers, this module is said to be cheaper, smaller and easier to use, as it uses less number of detectors as compared to that of conventional receivers.

For a super-fast yet low-cost broadband connection at home in Britain, the new receiver technology can enable dedicated data rates at more than 10,000 Mbps from the current 36 Mbps.
Sezer Erkilinc, Lead researcher, University College London

Simplification was achieved by adopting a coding technique to fibre access networks that was originally designed to prevent signal fading in wireless communications.

This approach has the additional cost-saving benefit of using the same optical fibre for both upstream and downstream data. This process has enabled the team to successfully send data over 37.6 km and 108 km to eight users who were able to download or upload at a speed of at least 10 Gbps.

If this technology gets implemented by existing ISPs, then you’re sure to get faster internet speeds without the need to spend a fortune on a high-end Wi-Fi router or a repeater.

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And instead of relying on futuristic innovation like Li-Fi (which is said to be 100 times faster than Wi-Fi) and the much talked up 5G, you could reap the benefits of practical tweaks to get internet speeds like never before.

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