This Web Browser Blocks Ads & Won’t Track Your Search History

The latest privacy-centric web browser is now available to all users on web and mobile without the beta badge. 

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Want to try another browser for your digital safety?

Most websites on mobile and web are culpable of tracking your internet history, which in return is used to push relevant ads on your screen. This has its own set of drawbacks, not to forget, your web history being exploited for business purpose.

Which is why, it’s heartening to see that even today, there are certain not-for-profit entities who’re offering web browsers that promises total privacy to the users.

In addition to the Mozilla Firefox and Vivaldi, now you can also try the Brave web browser, available on all mobile and web platforms now. This app has been operating in the beta version for quite sometime, but now it’s available in its user-ready avatar.

You might be wondering if there’s a need for another web browser in this crowded market, but with user privacy becoming a serious concern, there’s no harm in getting to choose between multiple options.

Brave has been made in San Francisco, and we’re hopeful that users won’t have to worry about any wrongdoings from the company in the near future.


What You Get With Brave

  • Fast and secure web browsing
  • Comes with built-in ad blocker
  • Supports third-party cookie blocking
  • Https everywhere for security
  • Incognito private tabs
This Web Browser Blocks Ads & Won’t Track Your Search History
(Photo: Brave via Google Play Store)

But that’s not all, this browser also stops videos from auto-playing, which has become an irritating part of web browsing for many users. Because of all these features, Brave claims that its browser manages to load web pages faster than Chrome, and also consume less data compared to Google’s browser to load the pages.

If you’re not heavily invested into the Chrome ecosystem, it’s time to try out browsers like these, and keep yourself digitally secure.

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