Apple Music Takes on Spotify With Web Streaming for PC & Mobiles
Apple Music comes to the web browser in beta avatar.
Apple Music comes to the web browser in beta avatar.(Photo: Apple Music screen grab)

Apple Music Takes on Spotify With Web Streaming for PC & Mobiles

Apple users can now enjoy content from the Music platform on their web browser. This platform is similar to how Spotify runs on the web, but in case of iOS users, they can head over to the beta version of the website and use Apple Music, without having to install iTunes or the Music app itself.

The platform works on Apple’s Safari browser, as well as other options like Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox among others.

The web-based version of Music can be used by existing subscribers of Apple Music, and for new users, Apple is giving them a taste of its platform and the available content, through a preview music option.


The Web version of Apple Music ensures the company can rack up more user time, even though Apple isn’t allowing new users to sign up from the beta website just yet. There are some features that also are not available to web users for now.

Spotify, Apple’s global music-streaming competitor also caters to a web-based music player. However, unlike Apple, Spotify allows anyone to stream music, without paying for its service, but with ads sprinkled all over it.

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This has allowed Spotify to gain a significant lead in the number of users, which was reported at 108 million in the company’s latest investor report. At the same time, Apple has managed to get over 60 million users on board, and unlike Spotify, most of these users are paying for the service.

The free tier of Spotify has ensured that more than 200 million users consume content on its platform, at least once a month. 

Is Apple trying to increase its new-user visit time by offering a web version of Music? In that case, the Cupertino-based giant should at least offer new users the option to sign up as well

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