Apple Making Wireless Earpods with iPhone 7? Yes, Please

When you spend Rs 60,000 on a phone, ideally it should be bundled with wireless earpods.

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The next Apple iPhone could get wireless earpods. (Photo: <b>The Quint</b>)

Apple made the iPod, the iPhone and then we got the iPad as well. These iDevices have been popular among users across the globe, but it’s fair to say that not all Apple products end up being a success. One might agree that post-Jobs, Apple has merely followed the industry, instead of setting the benchmark for others to follow, copy or replicate.


What Apple Made Post-Steve Jobs:

  • Big-size iPhone: Steve Jobs never liked the idea of making phones that can be hard to manage but they ended up making a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones
  • Stylus, Yuck! That’s the famous line Steve Jobs said at the launch of first iPhone. Fast-forward to 2015, and you got the first Apple product accompanied by a Stylus or Pencil, as they call it.
  • So-called Macbook alternative: That’s the iPad Pro, a 12.9-inch tablet-cum-laptop option inspired by Microsoft’s Surface Pro series.

These examples highlight the change in dynamics at the Cupertino-based company that might be selling in billions but has failed to innovate like before. But it’s time Apple made something which gets everyone’s attention.

Reports indicate that iPhone 7 will come bundled with wireless earpods and we love the idea. For a phone that costs more than 60K, it’s pivotal that Apple manages to offer a premium audio experience that it is known for.

Most of us would agree that the Mac has better sound/audio drivers in comparison to most Windows PCs, and even the iPhone. So, why can’t the drivers be given the right set of audio accessories with the iPhone?

Could Apple be making one of these? (Photo: Motorola)&nbsp;
Could Apple be making one of these? (Photo: Motorola) 

Most Indian brands are notoriously known for bundling sub-par audio accessories that quite frankly do not even make it out of the boxes. For Apple, that should not be the case and wireless earpods (some calling it Airpods) may go a long way in changing that deficiency.

Make it Happen

The cost of making a wireless audio product has drastically come down over the years, which is the reason we can buy a wireless product for less than Rs 5,000 these days. Even brands like Bose offer products that are much lower than what they used to be years ago, so shouldn’t the supposed Airpods be right up their alley? Very much so.

Apple bought Beats Electronics in 2014 and it was highly expected to revolutionise the way Apple looked at audio accessories from there on. They did introduce Beats Music for the Apple Music ecosystem and chances (very strong) are we might get to see the Beats-branded Airpods that come bundled with the iPhone 7 later this year.

While most people like the idea of owning wireless earpods (or Airpods), but few suspect the health issues which might show up with regards to radiation. Also, you cannot rely on iPhone’s battery to last through the day and if you add the wireless, chargeable Airpods with them, it’s just another pain to carry and charge it every now and then.

All things considered, we want Apple to make the wireless Airpods a reality this year, period.

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