Gadgets Then, Gadgets Now: Revisiting Technology from 100 Yrs Ago

Gadgets Then, Gadgets Now: Revisiting Technology from 100 Yrs Ago

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From the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 to the much in demand iPhone X, 2017 has been a great year for technology.

But it’s not only the smartphones that have ruled the roost this year. Artificial intelligence, voice assistance and virtual reality headsets have also made headlines.

As we are bid farewell to the year, it’s quite evident that 2017 has played a pivotal role in nurturing the future of technology.

Phones like the Note 8 and iPhone X have ushered in new technologies that not only have made communication a lot easier but have also given us the tools to be more innovative.

Where Face ID on the Apple X takes mobile phone security to another level, the Stylus on the Note 8 makes doodling and sending animated messages very easy.

Today, if you want to find a restaurant or want entertainment, just tell your phone or tell your Amazon Echo and voila it’s done.

This year has also seen a lot of changes in smartphones – like bezel-less display have become the in-thing, while the 3.5mm headphone jack is gradually making its way out from smartphones.

That’s how it’s been for the past couple of years and the trend will keep changing as years pass.

But, imagine how it would have been a 100 years ago? How would one send a message or even a photograph to people kilometers away.

How did one capture a moving picture and what gadgets were available to our disposal? How easy or difficult it was to manage such big, heavy and clunky gadgets when there weren’t as portable as today.

Check out The Quint’s tech roundup over the years, as Cyrus from 2017 travels back in time to catch up with Cyrus from 1917, and both of them catch up on how technology has made their lives easier and fun.

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