How to Improve Your Internet Speed in Five Easy Ways

Doing these five easy things can make a difference and boost your internet speed.

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Five easy things you can do to boost your internet speed.

If you've been working from home these past few days, you've probably had your Zoom/Skype calls stutter slightly or had it frozen completely. With so many people using their home broadband networks or mobile data to work, internet service providers and telecom networks have had to deal with higher demand for bandwidth.

With video conferencing and cloud computing essential for working from home, you'll need all you can get from your internet connection. So what can you do to improve your internet speed?

Don't Use Your Microwave

Reuters recently reported that the UK's media regulator Ofcom said that you should turn off your microwave to boost your wi-fi speed. Research has shown that microwaves and wi-fi run on the same 2.4GHz frequency. So, when you use your microwave, the 2.4GHz frequency goes haywire and messes up with your internet speed.

To counter this, you should turn off your microwave before making an important video call to your boss. You can also switch to a 5GHz band. Most routers support both bands and changing the settings is not very difficult.

Place Your Router in an Open Spot

Make sure your routers are placed in an open area and no bulky objects like furniture or anything that also emits a wireless signal are in the line of fire. Research has shown that fish tanks and aquariums can block wireless signals. Consider moving them to a different spot.

The same Reuters report also stated that Ofcom recommends that you should keep gadgets like cordless phones, baby monitors, halogen lamps, stereos, computer speakers, TVs and monitors away from the routers as they too can affect the performance of the router and slow it down.

Switch to a 5GHz band

As mentioned previously, it is not difficult to switch your router to a 5GHz band. You just need to tweak the settings a bit and you're set. The benefit of having a 5GHz band for your wireless network is that it offers faster data speeds over short distances.

This means that while you'll get faster speed, the range will be smaller than a 2.4GHz network. So, if you are living in a small apartment, consider switching to a 5GHz network.

Use Ethernet Cables

It's no surprise that ethernet and LAN connectivity is faster than wireless connectivity. Ethernet cables offer faster data transfers, lower latency, and also deliver a constant internet speed. Wireless connections, on the other hand, can have varying speeds and also have a higher latency than LAN.

Limit Devices on the Network

It is best to limit the number of devices that you have on your wireless network. If you have any devices that are idle but still connected to the wireless network, they may be consuming some bandwidth and ultimately slowing down your network. Therefore, if you have any devices lying around that aren’t being used, disconnect them from the network.

Additionally, you can also use a LAN cable to plug in any stationery devices like your PC or your gaming console so that they can take advantage of a wired connection.

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