When Can Motorists Show Licence/RC on DigiLocker to Traffic Cops?
The fines for traffic violation have increased manifold since September this year.
The fines for traffic violation have increased manifold since September this year.(Photo: iStock)

When Can Motorists Show Licence/RC on DigiLocker to Traffic Cops?

With a massive increase in fines for flouting traffic rules in India, motorists are trying to ensure they have all their cars’ or bikes’ documents such as insurance, driving licence, registration certificate (RC) and pollution-under-control (PUC) certificate with them at all times.

The country had set up digital document platforms like DigiLocker and mParivahan, to help people store their documents digitally, and allow them to show this to the cops while on the move.

However, many people have complained that traffic police across the country are not accepting the digital form of documents, asking them to show the physical versions only. So, what’s the true story behind the use of digital lockers and when can motorists use these platforms to store and show their documents?

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Since 1 September this year, many users have reached out to police authorities via social media to confirm use of digital documents instead of carrying papers. But in most cases, the traffic police has shared a clear notice to the public.

As mentioned by the official Delhi Traffic Police handle, you can show the digital version of driving license, RC of car/bike and insurance.

However, it’s worth noting that digital documents are only accepted through the DigiLocker or mParivahan app. Scanned version of the documents from the camera on your phone will not be accepted.

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But the bigger thing to keep in mind is the situation in which a user is asked to show these documents.

According to a notification issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) in August 2018 (attached above), digital documents can be shown in the event of general checking. But it’s unclear if a person violates the traffic rules, whether they will still be accepted in digital form.

As mentioned here, most state governments have asked the traffic police to ask for physical documents, particularly, if motorists break the rules.

This was further explained by Amit Ranjan, Architect, National DigiLocker Project, who, speaking to The Quint, confirmed that using documents through DigiLocker is a work in progress in most states in the country.

He also explained that the MORTH notification on DigiLocker has created confusion among the public.

The DigiLocker team has asked MORTH for clarification on usage of digital documents, and till the matter gets resolved, everyone is advised to carry physical docs all the time.

Adding to this, Ranjan also mentioned that abiding by the MORTH notification is completely under the state laws discretion. This means, every state might have a different take on the DigiLocker notification from MORTH.

So, next time you’re headed out, anywhere across the country, better to carry the physical documents, even if you have no plans of breaking traffic rules.

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