Here is everything about FASTag Account, login, recharge and advantages.
Here is everything about FASTag Account, login, recharge and advantages.(Photo Courtesy: PIB India)
  • 1. What is FASTag?
  • 2. How Does FASTag Work?
  • 3. What Are The Advantages of FASTag?
  • 4. How Do You Know When Money Has Been Deducted?
  • 5. How Do You Recharge a FASTag Account?
  • 6. What Documents Do You Need To Get a FASTag?
Fastag To Be Mandatory From 16 January 2020: All You Need to Know

The government earlier extended the mandatory FASTag roll out date to 15 December, which was extended to 31 December on 29 December 2019 by Nitin Gadkari. Due to a shortage of tags in the market, the last date was again extended to 15 January 2020 finally.

Earlier, it had been decided that from 1 December 2019 all four-wheelers, trucks and buses will have to pay toll electronically on Indian highways through a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag called a FASTag.

The Ministry for Road Transport and Highways had announced the implementation of FASTags on all vehicles from 16 January 2020. The idea behind switching to an electronic toll collection mechanism like FASTag for private or a commercial vehicles, was to reduce waiting times at toll plazas on the national highways and keep traffic moving.

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had introduced electronic toll collection through FASTag across the country back in 2014, but it was an optional system. Toll plazas had separate lanes dedicated to tag users, but the system wasn’t quite effective. The government has now decided to make FASTag mandatory from 1 December.

Here’s all you need to know about FASTag and how to get one.


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