Kya Fool Hain Hum: Why We Always Make This Big Break up Mistake!
From Breakup Gali to Move On Nagar:  How I Dealt With It Episode 3
From Breakup Gali to Move On Nagar: How I Dealt With It Episode 3(Photo: Aroop Mishra/The Quint)

Kya Fool Hain Hum: Why We Always Make This Big Break up Mistake!

Podcast Editor: Deepthy Ramdas

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Why do we always end up falling for people whose behavior — just like Delhi’s air — keeps getting worse over time?

And why is it, that despite making dus hazaar promises to ourselves, we again end up becoming more clingy to our partners than the Kardashian sisters are to the limelight?

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Doston, unfortunately, as much as we would like to blame our exes for everything, from our deepest emotional wounds to aaj ke lunch ka late delivery, we TOO NEED to look within and take some responsibility for our own faulty relationship patterns.

Sigh! But here’s where most people end up making a big mistake: instead of working on themselves post a breakup, they become like Usain Bolt, wanting to dash off as quickly as possible to Move On Nagar! 

The result? After a good run initially, the new relationship too gets confronted with the same goddamn problems.

Which is why no matter how bakwaas it seems, it is important to recognise our own unhealthy relationship patterns and consciously work on them.

‘Cause the heart is a faucet, and we are the only ones who can do its plumbing!

Now, unhealthy relationship patterns can be varied — from being so dependent on our partners that we can’t move a centimetre without them, to simply being unwilling to empathise with their concerns.

Or maybe even giving 100 % of ourselves to our partners, which is equally bad. Because guess what? The only thing it leaves YOU with is an ANDA, and what are you going to do with? Make an omelette?

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So guys, don’t make this common breakup mistake. Don’t be in a rush to reach Move On Nagar. Instead, learn from your past mistakes. Work on yourself. Understand what triggers you, and what pitfalls you need to avoid. 

So you never have to be a ‘fool’ ever again!

(This is Episode 3 of How I Dealt With It, a podcast series about ahemm... breakups. We will be back with more episodes, but till then, a big jaadu ki jhappi to anyone going through heartbreak!)

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